"Her healing hands have cured my shoulder pain and now working on a long term lower back problem. Susie has considerably relieved my pain and improved my situation in just one session.  I look forward to seeing her again to work on other aspects of my anatomy that have been problematic for some considerable time.  Definately someone who understands her clients and their problems from the start.  I will be calling on her services in the very near future.  Thank you Susie"

JV, Sulham

"I had my first massage approximately 2 months ago and while it was utterly painful boarding on unbearable it has made a massive difference.  I feel far more supple and loose.  My range of movement has improved drastically and my neck injury has nearly cleared up.  Thanks to Susie I can look forward to the football season with optimism"

CL, Reading

"I thought that I would wait until I had seen the surgeon, for my check up after a year from the operation for my new right knee before I emailed the practice about how pleased I was with the work and massaging techniques of Susie Saunders.  Before I went to see Susie, I found that walking became painful after about ten minutes to quarter of an hour and standing on it for any length of time was no fun.  Susie worked her magic on the muscles by massaging and loosening them around the knee and I found that walking was almost pain free and much more flexibility in the joint.  Why had I not been to see her before? I just plainly thought that was the way things were after such an operation.  I will know what to do when the left one is operated on!"

JH, Pangbourne

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