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Pick up the telephone and call me on 01252 648717 or 07837 830582 or email me on

I am available at my home and I can also provide a mobile clinic whereby I would attend your home address.  This would be a slight extra cost due to the time taken to travel and set up / put down the massage table.

My professional rates at my clinic are: From April 2024 - First Price Increase in 2 Years

90 minutes  £72 (£80 to £90 Mobile - dependent on distance travelled)

60 minutes  £55 (£60 to £65 - Mobile - dependent on distance travelled)

45 minutes  £45

30 minutes  £35

Kinesiology Taping - Registered KT1 / KT2 Advanced Kinesiology Taping Practitioner - Kenso Kase - Kinesiotaping UK.  

£2 extra as part of a Sports/Remedial Massage Session

£10 as part of a one off / seperate session which will include a basic assessment, interpretation and advice.

I also do block booking of massages available over a 12 month period as follows;  This would be paid at the start of the block booking ie: first massage or we can arrange an alternative method of payment between ourselves.

5 Massages -  £250 rather than £260 (1 hour)

10 Massages - £500 rather than £520 (1 hour)

These prices are slightly more if the massage is mobile.

Please liaise with me in regards to 45 minutes / 90 minutes massage prices

Gift Vouchers are available for someone who you think would benefit from a sports and remedial massage.  To purchase a voucher and for the benefiter to redeem the voucher please call 01252 648717 or 07837 830582 

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