Sports Massage - Not Just for the Professional Athlete or Fitness Addict but also the Less Active Individual

Most people these days lead a hectic lifestyle which often involves working long hours. During these hours an individual could be sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time, be behind the wheel of a car or on a train for long journeys. They could be standing up for a significant amount of time, lifting heavy equipment or simply be parenting & dealing with everyday stresses and emotions. 

This modern way of living can have a detrimental impact upon the body leading to soreness and tenderness within the soft tissues including your muscles.  This soreness, pain and discomfort is often caused by certain muscle groups shortening and tightening whilst the opposing muscle groups can become weakened and lengthened.  As a result, muscle and postural imbalances can arise over time and often without the individual realising that it is happening.  These changes, occurring within the body, can lead to chronic tension, aches and pains and eventually to an injury setting in.  

Scar tissue often develops within muscle as a result of repetitive movement patterns or an acute trauma to a specific area.  Sports Massage incorporates deep tissue manipulation techniques and ultimately helps reduce tension, loosen and release adhesive muscle fibres which have become stuck together.  It also helps realign any scar tissue or fibrous adhesions that might be present and which have built up within the muscle.  Finally, it also helps to encourage nutrition to the muscle and surrounding soft tissue areas.

Massage relieves the soreness and fatigue that can set in after an exercise session.  Have you ever after a race or match experienced aches and pains? This is known as delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) which is caused by microtrauma to muscle fibres and an accumulation of chemicals arising within the soft tissues, including lactic acid.  Deep tissue massage will enhance lymphatic drainage, flush out these toxins and aid recovery while, at the same time, improve flexibility and range of motion around the joints and also increase overall strength in the muscles, tendons and ligaments (soft tissue).

The overall aim of a sports and remedial massage (deep tissue) is not only to be part of a rehabilitation programme, in order to restore your body back to normal function from an existing injury, but it can also be used for maintenance.  This ensures that you keep your body fully functionning and prevent chronic injury or postural imbalances from setting in thus allowing you to lead the normal everyday life that you desire, without pain or discomfort. 

Think of a regular massage as a necessity like a service is to a car or your bike.  

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